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LEM Digital Thermometer

The LEM Digital Thermometer with built-in alarm and timer is great for sausage making. Temperature probe stays in meat or sausage while door is shut. The 42" probe cord with heat resistant (up to 482 degrees) silicon covering allows the door to close while the probe measures internal temperature of the meat. Alarm sounds when desired internal temperature is reached. Digital readout with temperature range of 32 to 572 degrees F. Magnets on bottom so you can easily attach to range.

Probe can remain in meat or sausage while oven door is closed

42" long probe cord

Heat resistant up to 500 degrees F

Alarm sounds when preset internal temp of meat is reached

Can be used to measure oven or smokehouse temperature

Digital readout

Temperature Range: 32-572 degrees F

Keep probe away from open flame

1 AAA battery included

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