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Diced high temp mozzarella cheese. It can also perfectly complement tasty snacks like snack sticks, sausage, summer sausage and burgers comes in 1/4 cubes.

Add cheese to your sausage and give it something extra. Cheese will stay in chunks up to 400 degrees. Add about 10% cheese (1 lb. of cheese to 10 lbs. of meat). Cheese will last up to 6 months at 32 degrees F to 45 degrees F and can be frozen. Add to meat and sausage seasoning while mixing, and cook as usual. Gluten free. Refrigerate upon receipt.

Ingredients: Pasteurized Processed Mozzarella Cheese (Low-Moisture Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese) [Part-Skim Milk, Cultures, Salt, Enzymes] Water, Cream, Sodium Phosphate), Salt, Lactic Acid, and Sorbic Acid (Preservative). If Diced or Shredded: Powdered Cellulose (to Prevent Caking), Natamycin (Preservative)

Allergens: Milk

Comes in a 1lb bag. Also available in 5lb bag.

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