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Sausage and Seasoning Co. is proud to assist individuals and businesses with new product development and creation. We offer exceptional expertise on products and different creation methods as well as the ability to provide clients with a wide range of supplies and equipment, which eliminates the need to find multiple vendors. From obtaining supplies and samples of different products to food brokering, we are here to help you achieve any goals you may have. Our consultation pricing is as followed: 

General Consultation: Free 

This service is free with the purchase of any of our products. If you need advice on how to utilize your recent purchase or how to add on to your product, do not hesitate to utilize this free service. 

Target Consultation: Starting $39.99 

This service is for those seeking to create a new product for themselves and/or their business. We will go over the flavor profile the you are looking to create and arrange for up to 3 samples of seasonings and/or dry ingredients. If the desired flavor profile is not found, we will explore the possibility of a custom blend seasoning (this is not included in the starting consultation price). After we have found the desired flavor profile we will go over ingredients to add on to your creation such as dried vegetables, fruits and/or cheese. Finally, we will go over your needs for additional supplies such as casings, equipment, bulk purchases of meats and other fresh ingredients and condiments such as sauces and glazes. 

Project Consultation: Starting $149.99 

This service is for those who are taking on a large scale product development project. The steps of consultation are much like the steps taken in our Target Consultation Service. However, with this service we will go in depth for your custom needs. We will assist in the custom blend seasoning ordering process and sampling. After we have found the desired flavor profile, we will go over additional ingredients, additional supplies and condiments. We offer a 15% discount off of the final product creation bill for utilizing this service and clients will have access to new product arrival information, special sales and discounts for their continued patronage. 

If you are ready to begin your journey to new creations or have any questions about our service, just submit a form and we will contact you.