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LEM Backwoods Summer Sausage Seasoning

Summer Sausage: This favorite delivers a tangy explosion of flavor Backwoods fans love. A game sausage you'll make over and over again.

Backwoods Sausage Seasonings have been delighting customers since 1991. We make it simple with our easy to follow instructions and pre-measured cure in every package. Enjoy these Cured Sausage Seasonings, painstakingly flavored to make the greatest wild game or domestic meat cured sausage around! Each seasoning package includes a packet of Cure. Casings sold separately.

A Note About Cure: Cure should be used to control botulism as well as add color and flavor to your smoked or cooked sausage.

Correctly seasons 25 lbs of meat.

Ingredients: Salt, Dextrose, Sugar, Spices, Garlic Powder, Sodium Erythorbate (1.22%), And Less Than 2% Tricalcium Phosphate Added As An Anticaking Agent

Cure Ingredients: Salt, 6.25% Sodium Nitrite, FD&C Red #3 (For Color), And Less Than 2% Silicon Dioxide As A Processing Aid

No Gluten or MSG

Warning: This product is manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts.

Comes in a 19.03oz bag.

Also available in 5.35 lbs bucket which correctly seasons 100 lbs of meat.

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