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Fine Ground Black Pepper

Black pepper the unripe fruit that is harvested from a flowering vine known as Piper nigrum. Once the berries are picked, they are fermented and dried. Once the peppercorns brown and wrinkled in appearance, they are ground. The result is a mixture of the peppercorn's light-colored core and dark skin. Pepper is the world's most popular spice and comes in various forms ranging from whole to fine ground. Black Pepper is the spiciest from unripen berries and contains a sharp, pungent flavor that adds a spicy tang to any dish.

Fine ground black pepper is ground down to a table grind. Depending on the usage, fine ground black pepper will have a seemingly milder heat level. Unless used heavily, most foods can mask or mingle with the spice's intensity.

Comes in a 1lb bag. Also available in 5lb bag.

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